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The New Escort Service Gimmick: Pretty Girls as House Cleaners

The New Escort Service Gimmick: Pretty Girls as House Cleaners<

As a man living solitarily in a bachelor’s pad, wouldn’t it be nice to have a hot and sexy cleaning lady knocking at your door every morning then good old Mrs. Fat? While sources still don’t confirm it, this is the latest gimmick of escort agencies – putting up a website filled with beautiful girls but not advertising them as escorts but as house cleaners.

It is the perfect disguise for sure – a beautiful girl in a maid’s uniform seeking entry into your apartment. It kind of reminds me of the voluptuous Jennifer Lopez in her movie “Maid in Manhattan.” If you are a rich and famous guy, this is the perfect solution to your problem. No need to worry about intrigues and scandals now while you have your type of fun. Your beautiful Crewe escort girl could come as a cleaning lady and you’re off the hook.

Manchester escort girls can be requested to come in a maid’s attire, just in case you think that this idea is superb. Call a Manchester escort agency and ask the receptionist to have your chosen girl get to your door complete with house cleaning stuff needed to do the look. Once she’s in, there’s no telling what she’s doing inside. And your neighbors wouldn’t mind. Just be sure that you lock the door so she can do all the cleaning she wants without any distractions.

The escort would only take an hour or so to make sure that your apartment is dust-free. She can start the job in the bedroom. You can assist her as she clears out all the soiled clothes thrown about – even the ones that you got on. This is an exciting way of spending time with an escort girl. Role-playing scenarios are the expertise of the Manchester Airport escorts to Staffordshire escorts, and all the girls in between.

Written on: June 3, 2021 by webadmin
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